The Elche-based private space company, PLD Spaceis about to launch the MIURA 1he first space rocket made in Spainwhich will also take off from the Huelva Space Port, which is almost finished. You can see it in the opening video of the news.

PLD Space is a Spanish space company that is going to put the space rocket into orbit MIURA 1 during the first half of 2023. Later it will carry out the first real space transport mission with the MIURA 5at the end of 2024.

Headquartered in Elche (Alicante) and with technical facilities in Teruel, Huelva and French Guiana, PLD Space has already achieved more than 60 million euro investment to boost your space sector project.

European pioneer in satellite micro-launching

The ultimate goal of PLD Space is to become the leading European company in the put into orbit of small satellites, using rockets made in Spainand putting them into orbit from the Huelva Space Port.

Only 13 countries around the world have released their own space rockets. Our country could join the list this year with the MIURA 1.

It is a 12.2 meter high suborbital rocket that can carry a load of 100 kilos up to a height of between 120 and 150 kilometerssurpassing in height the manned flights of Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic that we have seen of late.

Here you can see the test of the rockets that they carried out a few months ago:

Your mission will be complete scientific experiments in microgravity environments, which will be vital to prepare medicines, materials and other products that astronauts will have to use when they go to Mars. MIURA 1 can spend 3 minutes in microgravity, and the entire flight lasts 12 minutes.

actually the MIURA 1 It is a technological test for the MIURA 5a giant of more than 30 tons and 25 meters in length already under development, which wants to put satellites into orbit in 2024. may transport 300 kilos of cargo at 500 km of height.

The project of PLD Space it looks solid, and its first litmus test is very close. He wants to put the MIURA 1 space rocket in this first half of the year. If they succeed, our country will be among the elite of the space race and putting satellites into orbit. A sector that will acquire a capital importance in the coming decades.

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