The sports firm ‘adidas’ presented this Tuesday the ‘UCL Pro Istanbul’, the official ball for the knockout phases and the final of the 2022-2023 edition of the Champions League, which “pays tribute to the culture and football history of Istanbul”, venue of the match for the title on June 10

As indicated by the German brand, the ball is inspired by the colors of the one who starred in the final of the highest competition in 2005, also in the Turkish city and marked by Liverpool’s victory on penalties against Milan after equalizing in the second half an adverse 3-0.

Its design includes gold and silver details on an electric blue background in tribute to one of the most exciting comebacks in the history of the highest competition in European club football. The golden details represent the history and culture of the city, while the silver ones symbolize the coveted Champions League trophy for which the teams compete.

In addition, the ball features iconic white stars that feature three different designs that reflect the bridges connecting Europe and Asia, while the blue and orange hues on the outside of the stars represent both continents.

Apart from the design, the ‘UCL Pro Istanbul’ incorporates the latest in ‘adidas’ high-performance technology, such as the innovative ‘PRISMA’ textured surface, which offers even more precision in ball control. The textured coating, present on all of the brand’s balls for official Champions League matches, provides a secure grip and total control, while the heat-sealed seamless structure ensures superior performance.

Likewise, as a continuation of the ongoing collaboration between ‘adidas’ and ‘Common Goal’, 1 percent of the sports firm’s net sales of soccer balls will go to initiatives that drive lasting social change for underprivileged communities, helping create a better and more inclusive future through football.

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