The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) has reported that leaving the shopping cart in the parking lot of a Supermarket may be grounds for a fine. The measure, which is contemplated in the General Traffic Regulations, seeks to guarantee safety in parking areas and avoid obstacles that hinder the movement of vehicles and pedestrians.

This infraction can be sanctioned with a fine of up to 80 eurosand it is a measure that has been taken because the presence of abandoned shopping carts in a supermarket car park can create difficulties for traffic and increase the risk of accidents.

In addition, this regulation also seeks to encourage users to make proper use of shopping carts and to be responsible for their use in the places where they are parked. Therefore, it is recommended that the shopping cart be returned to its corresponding place once the purchases have been completed.

Failing to do so, users risk being penalized by the competent authority, and it is important to note that the fine for abandoning a shopping cart in a supermarket car park can be significant.

The DGT makes it clear: abandoning the shopping cart is grounds for a fine

In addition, it should be noted that this measure not only applies to supermarkets, but also extends to other public places where shopping carts are used, such as department stores or shopping centers.

Ultimately, the DGT remember that it is important to be responsible and careful in the use of shopping carts, and that leaving them in a supermarket car park can result in a fine.

Therefore, it is essential that users become aware of the importance of returning the cart to its corresponding place to avoid obstacles and guarantee safety in parking areas.

It is important to remember that the DGT has implemented this measure to guarantee safety in parking areas and avoid unnecessary obstacles. So, if you are a user of shopping carts, remember to return them to their corresponding place to avoid being penalized.

In addition, the fact of leaving the cart hanging around the parking lot is related to being a bad person. Yes, the theory that haunts the Internet that explains the goodness of people depending on what they do when they finish buying. And, is that, returning the shopping cart is always the right thing to do.


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