There is no better time of the year than the summer to practice paddle surfingone of those sports that can actually be done all year long, although it depends on your proximity to the water and the temperatures.

All you need is a stand-up paddle board, a paddle and a minimum of balance to get on top of the board and navigate, whether in the sea or in a reservoir or lake.

We have chosen five paddle surf boards that you can buy right now to take them on vacation or even buy it if you’re already on vacation thanks to free shipping from stores like Amazon or Decathlon. on Telegram on Telegram

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These paddle surf boards are inflatable, chosen for a simple reason: they are more practical to store and take from one place to another, especially if you live somewhere where there is no room for a rigid stand up paddle board.

The good thing about this type of sports is that you can relax while sailing, you can even listen to music with submersible headphones.

You will find options for all kinds of budgets, options to get started in this refreshing and most important sport in the middle of summer, options with stock to be able to buy them as soon as possible.

  1. Best value for money
  2. backcountry
  3. For up to 150kg
  4. starter kit
  5. wood effect
  6. Deluxe

Best value for money: FunWater


FunWater Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

This inflatable board FunWater It boasts an adjusted price with a quality that is not limited by it.

It is very resistant despite its lightness: only 7 kilos in weight.

Suitable for paddle surfing but also for surfing or practicing yoga, this board supports a maximum safety pressure of 12 psi and 150 kilos, which makes it the best option for beginners but also for expert athletes.

In addition to the board, the kit includes everything you need to start using it as soon as you receive it: high-pressure inflation pump, safety line, three fins, transport backpack, aluminum paddle adjustable at all heights, waterproof pocket for store your belongings and tools for emergency repairs.

Backcountry: Decathlon Itiwit

Decathlon Itiwit


Itiwit inflatable paddle surf board

For those who want to get started and want to have a paddle surf board that will last a long time and that they can also buy in a store like Decathlon, since they have home delivery or pick-up options at one of their centers, we have the perfect model.

Itiwit’s inflatable paddle surf board It is perfect to start, even if it costs 269.99 euros on sale.

It is perfect for a person who weighs between 60 and 80 kg, with dimensions of 90 x 40 x 16 cm and an inflation of 15 PSI.

Includes keel and safety cable and you can get it in blue or red colors.

For weights up to 150 kg: Exprotrek

Exprotrek Stand Up Paddle Board


Exprotrek Stand Up Paddle Board

The Exprotrek stand up paddle board It is another good option to start with, with a good design and also accepts weights of up to 150kg.

It is a true starter kit, with a board that measures 305 x 77 x 16 cm, thick enough to be comfortable to use and maintain stability even with some waves.

This kit includes an aluminum paddle, an inflation pump, an ankle strap, a waterproof bag to transport it and an extra fin.

You have it available on Amazon for 289 euros and in 10 different color combinations.

Best Starter Kit: Decathlon Itiwit

Decathlon Itiwit paddle surf initiation kit


Itiwit starter kit

If you are looking for a Decathlon starter kit because you are close or because you like the products of this brand, this is without a doubt. Itiwit starter pack It is a good option, available in its online store for 259 euros.

The board is shorter, perfect for people up to 80 kg. It measures 274.5 x 84 x 12.5 cm and weighs about 7 kg.

This kit includes the board, three fins, a paddle, a safety strap, a pump and a transport bag.

Wood effect: Whitewood


Whitewood wood effect table

If you are a purist who prefers a wooden stand up paddle board, this board Whitewood it includes the best of both worlds: the classic elegance of wood but all the advantage of inflatable.

To highlight the quality of its finishes with double seams to avoid separation between the different parts of the board.

Also its size of more than 3 meters long, with capacity for up to people. Of course, the maximum weight it supports is 180 kg. Keep this in mind when inviting someone.

As far as extras are concerned, don’t worry, it includes everything you need so you can take advantage of it from day one: high-strength aluminum paddle, two-way pump with pressure indicator, safety leash so the board doesn’t move away from you, a waterproof case for your mobile phone, an emergency repair kit and a comfortable bag to store and transport it.

Deluxe: BlueFin

SUP Bluefin Cruise

Bluefin Cruise SUP Package

If the world of paddle surfing has nothing more to teach you and what you are looking for is a supreme quality board that meets your needs, this one from BlueFin It is a real luxury: it will help you greatly improve your performance and maneuverability.

That is what distinguishes this Cruise Carbon precision SUP board, one of the most rigid and stable on the inflatable market. They achieve this thanks to innovations such as the Flex Reduction System with which they are manufactured, which consists of diagonally weaving the carbon fibers in a twill pattern to create a strong and very light 3K rail layer.

It also has an independent inflation chamber located inside the huge main air chamber, which guarantees its flotation even when one of the two loses air.

The pack includes a 2-piece carbon paddle with an ergonomic shaft that weighs almost 70% less than conventional paddles, a Kayak conversion kit, a transport bag, a triple action pump, an ankle safety strap, a cover waterproof for the phone, a large and two small keels and a complete repair kit.

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