The Real Madrid player, Dani Carvajal, acknowledged that an Osasuna “with a knife between its teeth” awaits them, so they will have to play 100% in search of a Copa del Rey that they miss, at the same time that he valued the growth to be one of the best in the world of a Vinicius who began as “meme meat”.

“Nine years ago I won my first title, the Copa del Rey. We all really wanted to be back on this stage, to win the Cup again. Face the final very calmly, try to do the things that have brought us here. It’s going to be a very demanding match,” he said at the press conference prior to the final in La Cartuja (Seville), which began with a memory of the family of Arsenio Iglesias who died this Friday.

The Madrid player was asked about his good moment, coinciding with the fight for the Cup and Champions League titles, and he trusted that the experience would be a point in Madrid’s favor against Osasuna. “Every athlete has better and worse moments. At the level of play and confidence I feel quite good, plugged in. In our locker room we have many players who are used to this type of game, I hope it is an important key and that it can decide the game of tomorrow,” he said.

“The Cup was choking us. It’s not easy, many clubs put a lot of hope in it, a lot of desire. We are now at an important moment, I don’t know the reason, we always try to fight for everything and this year we have achieved it”, he explained about the jinx in cup

On the other hand, Carvajal pointed out the dangers of a demanding Osasuna. “From the inside we don’t see ourselves as favourites, far from it. Osasuna has earned to be in this final. We saw it a few days ago, that it endured at the Camp Nou, with less usual players, with one less. It’s going to be a very intense match Their motto says that they never give up, like us. They are going to give everything with the knife between their teeth. You have to be prepared, 100% concentrated, the rival is going to demand the maximum from us”, he stated.

In addition, the Madrid side, sent off on Tuesday against Real Sociedad after a first yellow card for protesting, pointed out something that the referees should improve. “I am one of the players who is most above the referee, perhaps I should do it less. I try to correct it. We all made mistakes, the other day it cost me the first yellow card and possibly cost us the game. They try to do the best possible. We, you always try to scratch, that the next decision falls from your team”, he pointed out.

“I don’t think they have premeditation, they should often protect playing football, speed and not the team that they are trying to destroy. It should be a point to correct. Vinicius is one of the losers. I’m not only saying it for him, it’s for all the players who dare,” he added.

About the Brazilian star, Carvajal was asked in particular. “When he arrived with us he had tremendous pressure, he was meme meat. So young when he received all this criticism, overcoming that by deciding games, being one of the three best players in the world, deciding championships, it’s something I’ve seen very little. He has worked a lot physically and mentally and he has more than earned everything”, he confessed.

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