Lazio captain Ciro Immobile suffered a traffic accident on Sunday after a tram ran over his car in Rome, a spokesman for the Italian capital’s fire department told dpa, an incident that caused him spinal trauma spinal cord and a rib fracture.

Immobile, who was traveling with her daughters, was driving the vehicle when the accident occurred. All were taken to a hospital for medical check-ups after the accident.

“The tram ran the red light. Luckily I’m fine, my arm just hurts a little,” Immobile told the Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper, which reported that the tram driver was injured in the accident.

Hours later, Lazio reported the status of the footballer. “Following a traffic accident, Ciro Immobile suffered a twisting trauma to the spine and a compound fracture of the 11th right rib,” he said, explaining that his condition is “good” and that he is progressing “favourably.”

Images published by the Italian media showed the front of Immobile’s car completely destroyed, while the tram derailed as a result of the collision.

Some of the tram passengers were also taken to hospital for checkups, the ANSA news agency reported. Police did not provide details about the circumstances of the accident.

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