The national soccer coach, Luis de la Fuente, assured this Friday that if Sergio Ramos was not on his first list it was because he trusts “more” in those he has chosen and made it clear that he does not have “the habit of airing private conversations “like the one he had with Camas, who has been “who says goodbye” to the national team.

“We are not going to talk about players who are not here, but I am going to answer to settle the issue. I convey all my admiration and appreciation to Sergio for someone so important in our history, but it was a private conversation and I have the good habit of not air them”, De la Fuente said at a press conference in relation to the statement published by the PSG player saying that De la Fuente was not going to count on him even if he had a high level.

The man from La Rioja, who could not avoid the continuous questions about the Andalusian’s statement giving up the ‘Red’, recalled that there is “a new coach, with a new project and new ideas and who is committed to a group that is what it is”. “I want to transmit security and confidence from the first moment,” he stressed.

In addition, he confirmed that with Camas “it was not a call, it was a video call.” “We told each other what we had to say, with our points of view. Regarding her letter, I have nothing to say, everyone has seen it,” she tried to settle. “I talked to him about what I had to talk about, but Norway is the only thing that worries me,” she said.

“If he is not on this list, it will be because I trust these 26 players more,” stressed De la Fuente, who warned that he “never” has spoken about the “age” to be summoned and that he was the “most responsible” for this decision. “The one who says goodbye to the national team is Sergio Ramos. I think Spain is more interested in getting to know these 26 exceptional players, let’s try to focus on them,” he said.


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