Elon Musk has starred in a sad incident in Twitterto the laugh and humiliate still worker with muscular dystrophy. After He fired him. But history has taken a 180 degree turn, with Musk deleting his tweets and apologizing to Halli Thorleifssonwhile begging him to get back to work.

All started when halli thorleifsson, Product Design Director on Twitter, he found that his access to his work computer had been cut off.

No one was able to tell him in the company if Was he fired or not? so he asked Elon Musk directly on Twitter. Elon asked him what he did (doesn’t he know his Director of Product Design?), and halli thorleifsson He replied that he could not reveal it publicly, since it was confidential.

Musk did not take it very well, because after a while halli thorleifsson confirmed that he had been fired.

Subsequently Elon Musk began to humiliate in Twitter to its ex employee.

Elon Musk and humiliating layoffs

In tweets that have been deletedit said things like “It’s the worst“, either “The reality is that this guy (who is self-employed rich) did not do any real work, he claimed as an excuse that he had a disability that prevented him from typing, but at the same time he was tweeting up a storm. I can’t say that he has much respect for her“, according to the BBC.

But apparently, many other people yes, he has a lot of respect for Halli Thorleifsson. This entrepreneur founded the company Uenolater bought by Twitter, where he led projects as important as the tools to create Apple Mapsor the Santa Claus Tracker for Google, which has been so successful.

Also, in 2022 Thorleifsson was chosen person of the year in Iceland by four different outlets, for their campaign for the disabled people without resources could access a wheelchairand to install ramps in inaccessible places:

Daniel Houghton, former CEO of Lonely Planet, wrote a tweet to Elon Musk:”This is very disappointing. Not only is his work ethic next level, but his talent and humility are world class. He’s exactly the kind of person you want on your team when the odds are against you. I’m sure there’s a deep misunderstanding about him not doing any real work.”

This tweet led Musk to call Halli Thorleifsson directly, to talk with him. The call must have been very enlightening, because Musk tweeted again: “It’s better to talk to people than to communicate on Twitter“.

After deleted all his humiliating tweets against Halli ThorleifssonAnd wrote a public apology:

Musk says: “I would like to apologize to Halli for my misunderstanding of her situation. She relied on things that I was told were false, or in some cases true, but not significant. She is considering staying on Twitter“.

We sincerely doubt very much that, after the public humiliation, halli thorleifsson decide to continue on Twitter, unless you consider sincerely the apologies of Elon Musk.

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What is worrisome about this is knowing who falsely advised Muskand why take such impulsive decisions, without even knowing who the person is being fired, and without speaking to her, despite being a top position such as a Director of Product Design. And above all, if this type of impulsive decisions apply them in important decisionsas CEO of several top companies.

The bad tongues assure that the reason Musk has backed downis that the dismissal of this Design Director it would cost 100 million dollarsmuch more than keeping him in his position, explains Ars Technica.

Reasons aside, the dismissal of this worker with muscular dystrophyand the humiliation later, it does not exactly improve the image of an Elon Musk whose popularity has suffered, after the purchase of Twitter and its subsequent decisions.

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