He Myers-Briggs Indicator (MBTI) define 16 different personalities. One of the rarest is INTJ personalitywhich only possesses the 2% of the populationand only the 0.8% of women. What does it consist of?

The Myers-Briggs Indicator (MBTI) was created by Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers almost a century ago. Although it has been refined.

It is based on the teachings of the prestigious psychologist Carl Gustav Jung, one of the fathers of psychoanalysis and analytical psychology, and it should not be confused with the INFJ personality, the rarest in the world, which we told you about a few days ago. He MBTI fixed four opposite pairs of Personality traits or dichotomies:

  • How attention is focusedextraversion either introversion).
  • How information is pursued or taken (sensation either intuition).
  • How do you prefer to make decisions?thought either feeling).
  • How he orients himself to the outside world ( judgment either perception).

Each person can only be one thing or another in each of the four pairs, which are identified with a letter (in English). and they can exist 16 different combinations.

So, the INTJ personality refers to traits Introversion, Intuition, Rational and Judger or Qualifier.

Keep in mind that although the Myers–Briggs indicator It is used as a valid method in pedagogy, group dynamics, staff training, marriage counseling, and personal development. It is not considered scientific by many psychology experts. Some of them even despise him. Therefore, it cannot be taken as a science.

Do you have an INTJ personality?

INTJ people are introverts. They don’t talk much about themselves, they are quiet and reserved. They prefer to have few friends, and burn out quickly when in large groups of people.

They think more in the abstract, and are able to glimpse the big picture, instead of details. They are also rational: They are carried away by logic, and are objective. They are not influenced by feelings.

The trait Judger or Qualifier indicates that make decisions quicklyand they seldom doubt. According to the website 16 Personalities, INTJs are imaginative, determined, ambitious, curious peopleand don’t waste your energy on nonsense.

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Since childhood they love to spend their time between books. Many INTJ fit the stereotype of “nerd“Although they don’t mind being called that.

are at the same time idealistic but cynicalAnd that creates conflicts. They are always devising plans, and sometimes they feel lonely because they believe that the people around them are too lazy, or without goals in life. That’s why sometimes they seem cold and distant

The INTJ convey confidence, although they can be annoying coworkers, because they want to change everything and do it their way. They are very perfectionists, and do not work well in teams. Also, they don’t like rules.

Famous with INTJ personality are Arnold Schwarzenegger, Elon Musk, Michelle Obama, Isaac Newton, or Gandalf the magician.

The INTJ personality It is rare to find, only the man has it. 2% of the population. They are one point above the INFJ personality, the rarest in the world. But, although they are discreet, they stand out for their initiative and their desire to plan everything. Do you fit within these traits?


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