Real Madrid striker Eden Hazard stressed that he maintains a relationship of “respect” with his coach, Carlo Ancelotti, although he confessed that they do not speak to each other, at the same time that he reiterated that he wants to stay at the white club for another year to “show that still” can “play soccer.

“I’d like to stay. I’ve always said it. I hope to play on the field to show that I can still play football. People have doubts, it’s normal. I understand it very well. But for me, I’m still here next year. A signing It is not planned, although you never know”, said the Belgian player in an interview with RTBF collected by Europa Press.

The striker, who still does not count for Real Madrid’s Italian coach, stressed that the “only” thing he thinks about is “playing”. “That’s why I don’t even think about leaving. Deep down, I think I can contribute something. I’m sorry, that’s all. If I contribute a little, people will trust me again. They may say to themselves that they made a mistake by leaving me out. I only need minutes on my legs,” Hazard warned.

“As in the World Cup, I played one game, two games, three games, it was ‘in crescendo’. I’m not saying that, after three months without playing, I’m going to play and score five goals. No, I need time and at Real Madrid there is no time. I know what I can still contribute”, he compared with his situation in the World Cup, where he had more leadership and continuity.

Although the relationship with Ancelotti does not seem to be going through its best moment, despite the fact that they show “respect”. “There is respect between us. But I’m not going to say that we talk to each other, because we don’t talk to each other. But there will always be respect. Even if he doesn’t make me play tomorrow, I have to respect a guy like Carlo Ancelotti, for what his career represents for football,” he acknowledged.

“I miss playing, I want to have fun on the field. The training sessions are good, but what keeps us alive are the games. I hope that deep down in me I can contribute something and that the coach continues to count on me, hopefully. We’ll see if I keep playing at the end of the season. It’s up to me to show him in training that he can count on me. My explanation? Is that there are players who play well, the team wins and it’s difficult to change him. I probably deserve less in his eyes than others”, concluded a thoughtful Hazard .

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