The air fryer It has become really popular and has already become the favorite kitchen appliance for users. Knowing this, and like any electrical device, there are dangers and safety measures. security that you should take into account.

One of the great beliefs of the people is that air fryers are prone to cause fires. But even if they seem dangerous in general, it is highly unlikely that a deep fryer will catch fire.

It is true that it is not impossible and it cannot be ignored that, like many other electronic devices, air fryers also have this great risk.

Before having to find yourself in the situation of putting out a fire in a deep fryer, it is very important to know why it happens and, consequently, prevent it. Know the cause of fire of the fryer will help you take action.

Causes of Air Fryer Fire and How to Prevent It

The main reason an air fryer catches fire is poor care of the air fryer. appliance. Safety instructions are generally never taken seriously and each model of air fryer has specific rules for their and your safety.

For example, one of the great failures lies in the excessive use of oil. Air fryers use a minimal amount of oil to cook food and no more than one tablespoon of oil is recommended for each cookingalthough you already know that you can totally do without it.

Oil Free Air Fryer

Some people also make a very harmful mistake and that is to place the fryer in an irregular place. The first rule of thumb for using an air fryer is place it on a stable surface. If the location is on an uneven surface, it may malfunction and cause a fire.

To this we must add that placing it outside of a heat resistant place can also cause a fire. Therefore, whenever you use an air fryer, choose a place resistant to heat to avoid risks.

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On the other hand, its subsequent cleaning is very necessary. The great risk is that, on many occasions, this dirt is hidden, so it is recommended that you tilt the fryer back or turn it over completely and clean it. Here we will reduce the risk of fire but we will also prevent our future cooking from being dirty and taking on strange flavors.

We end with the advice that, once used, it is always better to unplug it. Air fryers use quite a bit of voltage and therefore have the potential to cause an electrical fire.

As mentioned at the beginning, Fire in an air fryer is a very rare occurrence. Still, it is hard to say when such a situation will arise, so prevention is vital to avoid dealing with such problems. If you are fully aware and responsible for the use of your air fryer, the chances of a fire breaking out are very low to none.

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