It’s not about being a clean freak. But if you want to make sure that everything is perfectly clean and disinfected in a hotel roomtake a pack of disinfectant wipes.

Go ahead, we are sure that most hotels comply with the cleaning standards. When a client leaves, before another enters the room must be cleaned and disinfected. But for a customer, it’s impossible to know 100%.

Many clean freaks even take your own sheets and put them on the beds, or place paper protectors in the toilet. And they also use their own towels. It is something understandable, and hotels allow it.

Beyond these obvious places, it’s a good idea to clean a few key items with disinfectant wipesto make sure there are no germs or viruses.

Disinfecting a hotel room

We assume that the cleaners clean the obvious areas: the bathroom, the bed, the floors, etc. But there are small objects and places that are not so obvious, and can be forgotten.

For example, the door knobshe tv remote controlthe handle of the refrigerator door, if there is one, the handle of the drawers, the handles of the cabinets, the phoneor the light switches and lamps.

They are objects that everyone uses, and that are not always cleaned with each stay. You just have to pass a disinfectant wipe, and that’s it.

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Another good tip is don’t go barefoot or with socks on the floor of the room. It is best to use one of those disposable or washable flip flops that barely cost 3 or 4 euros. When you leave the hotel you throw them away, or put them in a bag to wash them.

They are some protection measures quick and easy to complete disinfect a hotel room. Many people have used them during the pandemic, but it is a good habit that should not be lost. You will have some peace of mind while enjoying the room.

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