“All the clubs are suffering the level of refereeing in this country”


The Corporate Director of Valencia CF, Javier Solís, harshly charged against the Spanish arbitration after describing Del Cerro Grande’s performance this Sunday in the defeat (0-2) against Sevilla at Mestalla as “theft”, “suffering” as “all the clubs” the “level of refereeing” in a football that “smells very bad”.

“We left absolutely disgusted, absolutely pissed off. We have experienced a real shame today with the arbitration. Not only the penalty that they have swiped from us. It was a robbery, also, in slow motion, with the VAR being involved, the referee has gone to see it and with all the arrogance in the world he has explained to our captain how his hand was. We are fed up. Football smells very bad”, he said in statements to Dazn, collected by Europa Press.

The leader of the ‘che’ team was forceful after a match that was marked in particular by a penalty that the locals demanded, by the hand of Fernando, which the referee did not indicate despite seeing the image in the VAR. “Not only the second action to get back into the game, but also the first. There is also a trip on Yunus. Today the referee when he sees the images has to have a hard time sleeping. It’s a shame in capital letters,” he said, also complaining from 0-1.

“This is not the first arbitration that harms Valencia CF. We are absolutely upset and disgusted. We do not deserve the arbitration that we are suffering this season. I think I count 17 serious VAR failures. The team is down and you cannot only criticize the referees, “But what we have seen today on the field is a real shame, the review of the images, the referee’s posture, that’s hands. I’m going to talk about robbery, it’s a real robbery,” he added.

Solís left Valencia’s opinion without the need for a statement, as several LaLiga Santander clubs are doing. “More than a statement, we are now talking about. This is not about a statement war, all the clubs are suffering the level of arbitration in this country. I don’t want to get into a war of who makes the toughest statement, but it is flagrant and I must hold back,” he said.

“We have to keep trying. This club is very big, there are 104 years of history, we have to keep working. There are still games left. There are several teams in the area down there and all that remains is to work, work, work and move forward”, ended, before a very delicate position in the relegation zone.

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