The president of FC Barcelona, ​​Joan Laporta, affirmed this Monday his desire to confront the “scoundrels who are staining” the club with everything that is coming out as a result of the ‘Negreira case’ and lamented those who, “motivated by envy “, they are carrying out “campaigns from bad faith” to harm them.

“Don’t think that I’m getting emotional out of weakness, it’s because I really want to face off against these scoundrels who are staining our shield, so that no one thinks it’s out of weakness,” Laporta said in his speech during the private meeting this Monday with captains. of FC Barcelona.

The manager stressed that “Barça is a club with values”. “We use them not to look good but because they are a fundamental part of our model of sports excellence and that is why it is admired and recognized around the world,” he remarked.

“It also happens that some, motivated by envy, are trying to erode our reputation with campaigns created in bad faith. Barcelona sentiment cannot be bought or sold, but it doesn’t get dirty either,” Laporta asserted.

The president of the Barca club stressed that “recently and through ferocious attacks, some are trying to dirty the shield with arguments that have nothing to do with reality.” “You can be sure that this Board of Directors is going to defend ourselves with all our might,” he declared.

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