Elaborate coffee it is an art to make it come out as rich and pure as possible, and it not only has to do with our skill, but also the type of coffee maker we are using.

In fact, we have several types of coffee makers that we can use to prepare the best coffee, one of which is the coffee pots of capsules that are the simplest and with a lot of flavors; we also have espresso machines; or a fairly cheap and classic option, such as using an Italian coffee maker that is put on the stove.

And according to comments from the OCU, one of the debates that are emerging on social networks in recent weeks is preparing coffee in this type of Italian coffee maker with the lid of the coffee maker open or well closed.

In order to be able to give you a clear and concise answer, you must first understand how to make coffee with Italian coffee maker in the best way possible.

As the OCU itself points out, to make a rich coffee with an Italian coffee maker, you must first fill the lower part with water up to the safety valve. Now it is time to put the coffee in the filter, taking into account that you need two tablespoons of coffee per cup.

Time to close the coffee maker by screwing the lower part with the upper part. We must put it on the fire until you hear the gurgling of the coffee, and obviously remove the coffee pot as soon as the steam begins to come out.

And the answer may not be what you expect

And now the important question: should you leave the lid closed or wide open during this entire process of making coffee with the Italian coffee maker?

To do this, from the aforementioned organization they point out that the production of coffee in this type of coffee makers is a game of pressure, and basically here the lid has no role.

In this way, the existence of the lid in these coffee makers is to prevent hot coffee from splashing, but when it comes to making coffee, having the lid open or the lid closed does not matter.

In any case, it is convenient to have the lid open, basically to control how the coffee is being made since the idea is that it does not come to a boil to avoid the taste of burnt.

So you have to reduce the heat to medium once the coffee starts to rise, and that is why you should keep the lid open to control the situation.

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