lidl, the German supermarket chain, has recently announced the launch of a new anti-waste bag for fruit and vegetables. This initiative is part of the company’s efforts to reduce waste and promote sustainability in its operations.

The anti-waste bag, made of biodegradable material, is designed to extend the useful life of fruits and vegetables and prevent them from spoiling quickly. The bag allows perspiration and air circulation, which prevents the accumulation of moisture and the growth of bacteria. It is interesting how well spun the Lidl proposal is.

Inside this bag, what you will find are both fruits and vegetables in perfect condition, but aesthetically they do not meet the requirements to be put up for sale. Come on, what has always been called an ugly fruit or vegetable and that, logically, this section has nothing to do with the taste of the food.

The price of this anti-waste bag will be three euros. It is not the only measure that Lidl will implement to eliminate food waste as much as possible in its supermarkets. In fact, they have already launched the different proposals for their products of bakery that could not be sold during the day.

Lidl andwaste bag: vegetables and fruits in perfect condition, but not pretty for only 3 euros

In line with what was said about bread, Lidl will lower the price of bread from yesterday 50% to make it much more attractive to users even if it was parn done the day before. In addition, the discount for products on the last day of expiration will increase from 30% to 50% on these foods.

What this will do is fresh products such as meat, fish, yogurt, cheese or salads have a 50% discount before the best-before or expiration date. What Lidl intends is to give an outlet to this type of product that usually does not have it and, therefore, further eliminate the possibility of having to throw this product away.

Finally, they have applied a new discount to frozen and dry products. In this case, the discount is 30% when they are close to their expiration date or preferred consumption. The dry assortment is, logically, elements such as cookies, pasta that will now have a new discount to avoid waste.

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