Croatian footballer Luka Modric, a Real Madrid midfielder, stated on Tuesday that “giving everything” is always the key at times when “you know you’re close to reaching another final”, alluding to the second leg in their semifinals of the Champions League against Manchester City.

“Just playing this competition, for Real Madrid and these kinds of matches, you motivate yourself, without extra things. When you know you’re close to reaching another final, you want to give it your all”, Modric commented at a press conference. “Of course we are close to doing something historic and impressive”, added the Balkan footballer.

“The sensations are very good, with great desire for the game to start, to enjoy it and to live these moments to the fullest because what we are doing, almost always playing ‘semis’ and finals, is something great”, the Croatian midfielder has valued , a key piece for the madridistas to try to overcome the ‘citizen’ team.

In addition, Modric has reviewed the legacy of the most veteran of the squad. “All these titles that we have won say a lot, but also the effort of each day, the behaviour. You can’t always win, sometimes you win and sometimes you don’t. What we do and our behavior in situations when we don’t win is also very important”, has said about it.

“But obviously winning the Champions League, the League, the Cup titles… everything, is something that makes us happy and proud of everything we have achieved. And the way in which we have achieved this in all these years is something to admire”, stressed a Modric who is an expert in high-intensity duels like the one this Wednesday in the Champions League.

“We have played this type of game many times. What I see in my teammates and in the coach is confidence and tranquility, full faith in us, our character, our qualities; and that is what I see day by day and also day by day. today. And I hope that we will play a great game and go to the final, which would be something impressive”, he indicated.

He has also opined that his teammate Eduardo Camavinga “is fine” from his latest physical discomfort, that he “is going to train” this Tuesday as normal and that “that is the most important thing.” Since he has arrived, he has grown a lot and this year he has shown that he can also do very well on the left side where he helps us a lot”, he highlighted.

“Although maybe he doesn’t like to play there, he is a boy who will do well wherever you put him. Because of his football and his personality, on the field he is a ‘top’ boy and I’m happy for him Since he arrived here, he has grown a lot and he still has room to grow”, Modric reiterated about the young French footballer.

Once again, the Croatian has explained his objective for the duel against Manchester City on English soil, after the 1-1 first leg at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. “We always feel quite comfortable in this type of match. It’s a tournament where we’ve historically performed well; it’s our trophy, let’s say, and that’s why we like it a lot”, he highlighted.

“In the first game, in the first 20 minutes, they were a little better. But as the game went, we grew a lot, we played much better, we took the lead and maybe we could score another goal, but they tied”, has recalled on the way.

“We knew that this was not going to be decided in the first leg. We are fine, this is 50/50 and small details are going to decide it, because it is a game between two great teams and many ‘top’ players”, added the Meringue midfielder.

“Each game is a different story, you never know what can happen on the field. You have to be focused on each duel, on each ball and help your teammates. These are things that are going to be very important tomorrow, we are going to be up to the task in these things and to be in another final”, has predicted with confidence.

On the other hand, he has praised the youngest of the merengue club. “They already showed last year that they can solve matches with their quality, with their audacity. I always say that the most important thing is the team. If we are well, together and we fight for each other as a team, then one day Vinicius will stand out, another Karim, another Rodrygo, another Fede (Valverde), etc.”, has expressed.

“The most important thing is that we are together, that we fight for each other, that we have this good atmosphere and that we show it every day in training and in matches. That is key between the youngsters and us the older ones”, Modric underlined , with a certain lazy laugh at his veteran status.

“Each era has its own stars. Now there are many players who are on the way to becoming true ‘cracks’ like Vini, Rodrygo and many others. Soccer always produces good players. But I can’t highlight anything in particular, nowadays pay more attention to social networks, Instagram, etc.”, he said about the evolution of football.

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