MyCanoe returns with its popular folding canoesbased on the origami. He has put on KickStarter his new MyCanoe Solo 2even lighter, easier to fold and unfold, and at an affordable price.

The big problem with having a canoe is that it takes up a lot of space. You need a garage to store it, and it’s complicated to transport.

MyCanoe has opted for flexible materials, origami and design, to obtain a kayak almost three meters long that fits in a suitcase. It is not the first folding canoe that we see, but it is one of the best designed.

MyCanoe Solo 2, folding canoe

We are before a canoe of 290 x 78 centimeters made with pre-bent polypropylene, UV resistant, 5 mm thick. It is an approved kayak that meets all the buoyancy, safety and maneuverability needs that are required of this type of boat.

only weighs 8.8 kilosand supports a weight of 136 kilos. Enough for one person and a little cargo.

open water swimming

There are also accessories that allow you to convert it into a fishing boator in a sport kayak.

When it is folded it only occupies 108 x 28 x 46cmso it can fit perfectly into the Car Trunkin a closet, and even under the bed. Unfolding and mounting it only costs two and a half minutesand no tools are needed.

MyCanoe Solo 2

This collapsible canoe holds up to 200,000 folds without deteriorating, so it will literally last you a lifetime.

MyCanoe Solo 2 Look for funding on KickStarter. He’s already raised everything he needed, so it’s going to be made. It is priced at only 451 euro, but when it goes on sale in stores it will cost over 700 euros. They ship worldwide, starting in May.

This folding canoebased on the origamishows that it is not necessary to spend a lot of money, or have space requirements, to enjoy this attractive sport, and its variants.

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