Real Madrid and CA Osasuna face each other next Saturday (10:00 p.m.) at the La Cartuja Stadium for the Copa del Rey final, a duel between two teams with very different styles of play, who will seek to win the title on both sides very different showcases.

Carlo Ancelotti and Jagoba Arrasate are the coaches of two author teams, who enhance their respective squads with their game modes. Both have managed to make their teams a gear
ideal as they advanced rounds until reaching the final match, basing their passes largely on their goalscoring production: 2.1 goals per game in the case of Osasuna and 2.2 in that of Real Madrid.

Ancelotti’s men, despite having played two games less than the vast majority of their rivals, have scored 11 goals, being the fifth highest scoring team in the competition. Of them, seven have been divided between Benzema (4) and Vinicius (3), being the best
scoring couple of the competition taking into account that the other two pairs with which they are equal to 7 goals, did so in two more games.

As for the way the Whites scored, one came from a corner kick, another from a penalty and the remaining ten came from an open play. Regarding the areas used to build their attack, 40% of them were developed in the central part, this having a greater incidence than any other, distributing the remaining 60% proportionally between the two bands.

Because of this, the 14-time European champion only makes 16.2 crosses per match, being the fifth team in the highest
category with the lowest average in this edition of the Copa del Rey.

The rojillos are the second most prolific team against goal in the competition with 15 goals, only surpassed by Villarreal (18). Quite significant data taking into account that, in the league campaign, they are the third team that has scored the fewest goals (29).

Its efficiency in front of goal is 13%, a percentage that is not very high, but which is offset by being the team that has finished off the most times in the competition with 117 attempts. As for the attacking thirds used by the Arrasate team, 35% of their attempts
They have arrived from the central zone, 30% from the right flank and the remaining 35% from the left, tending more to attack from the side where their most unbalancing attacking player, Abde, acts.

More than half of their attacks come from the wing, which means that Osasuna is the team that centers the most per game in the competition with 31.7 balls into the area from the side. As for his goals, 14 have come from inside the area and only one with a shot from a distance, 15 being combined play.


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