The device Still it’s a water purifier created by designer Hans Ramzanwhich works with solar energy. could be used in poor areas without electricityto get drinking water.

die more than 1,000 children a day by diseases related to contaminated water. It is such a terrible and incomprehensible figure that we have had to look for sources to confirm it. So says UNICEF.

Almost 750 million people in the world they have no access to drinking water. They walk dozens of kilometers to collect water from wells or rivers, which in many cases is still unfit for consumption.

He contaminated water causes diarrhea and various diseases, which especially affect children. More of 360,000 die every year For this problem.

Stil, the solar powered water purifier

The solution goes through purify the water before drinking it. But all purifiers have electronic parts, and they require electricity. And even though they use batteries, they are still dependent on electricity, and have parts that run out quickly, and are polluting.

You can resort to the traditional system: boil the water. But again it takes electricitywhich is not available, or fire, which is sometimes impractical: a lot of wood or coal is required to cook all the water that is drunk per day.

Designer Hans Ramzan has created Stilla water purifier with solar energy It has no electronic parts, no battery, no electricity. You can see it in the opening video of the news.

Still use the old system boil the water for kill germsbut instead of using fire or electricity it uses the sunlightwith a trick. The sun’s rays pass through a fresnel lensthat magnify the heat and distributes it evenly throughout the interior of the purifier:


Its operation is similar to a teapot: it is poured contaminated water inside and the light of the Sun, amplified by the lens, heat a metal resistorwhich puts boil the water. Boiled water kills germs, getting drinking water. The water evaporates and that steam it condenses into pure water, in a different compartment.

In this way you get drinking water using only solar energy. As you may have deduced, this system requires using the purifier during the day, in an environment of abundant light and heat. But considering that most people with drinking water problems live in Africa and Asiain areas with a hot climate, it seems a viable solution.

for now Still It’s just a prototype, since Hans Ramzan he is only a designer, and has no ability to manufacture it. But he is already looking for sponsors and NGOs, to turn this water purifier with solar energy In fact. It could save many lives.

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