If you hate passengers who recline their seats all the way back on air travel, taking up space, you’ll be interested in this evil viral hack.

Surely you are already thinking about your next vacation, a summer vacation where you may have to take some planeand in addition to having to spend many hours in it until you reach your destination, it is likely that you will have a problem with the rest of the passengers.

Planes are not exactly spacious, and surely you have had a problem with a passenger right in front of you, those who do not hesitate to recline their seat backwards to take away much more space, forcing you in some cases to call their attention.

And now someone has shared a cool trick, by which you can literally take revenge on those passengers that you have in front of you, and that do not hesitate to recline their seat as much as possible, taking up space and even hitting your knees.

So on a recent Australian radio show, a woman who prefers to remain anonymous revealed a trick to get revenge on those passengers who fully recline their seats backwards.

When you are traveling economy class and the person in front of you is very inconsiderate and reclines their seat all the way back… do you know about the air conditioning vents at the top?”.

Well, you can already imagine the answer: “you can spin them, i spin them just right to hit their face and turn it up to max”.

This way, if the other person complains, you can always reply that it is your right to turn the air conditioner on full blast, since it belongs to your seat, just as another person will comment that it is their right to recline the seat.

Because the cold air will hit them in the face throughout the trip, they will stop reclining the seat back.

disparate reactions

It is about an evil Turk who has gone viral on TikTok, and where he has received equal parts, both responses of thanks and criticism.

And it is that there are people who consider that they have the right to recline their seat backwards, because they have paid for it, while others add that they are not going to swallow a plane trip of hours without reclining their seat.

Whether you are in favor of reclining it or not, you at least know what you could do to avoid those passengers who fully recline their seats towards you on air travel.

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