The Central Contentious-Administrative Court number 11 has completely dismissed the appeal filed by Real Madrid against different sanctions imposed by LaLiga for breaching the Regulations for Television Broadcasting, as well as the indirect challenge of the Regulations made by said club, as reported by this monday the employer

The body chaired by Javier Tebas received notification of the ruling on Monday that “once again confirms the legality of the sanctions imposed by LaLiga and dismisses all of Real Madrid’s arguments about the alleged illegality of the Regulations for Television Broadcasting, confirming that said regulation is fully in line with the powers that RD 5/2015, the Sports Law and the LaLiga Statutes attribute to it”.

LaLiga recalled that this opinion joins the one that it received a few days ago from the Central Administrative Court number 7 with the same sense of rejection and confirmation of the legality of the sanctions and the Regulations, and other sentences of the Central Courts of Contentious- Administrative number 4 and 7, both also favorable to the employers.

“With these four sentences handed down against Real Madrid during 2023, there are already fifteen in favor of LaLiga and contrary to the claims of Real Madrid CF,” the organization sentenced.

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