Losing weight can be one of those arduous tasks that require a lot of effort, not only going to the gym and doing sports outdoors, but also having a diet where you will surely have to take away those foods and drinks that you love so much.

However, according to researchers at the University of Houston, a simple exercise that you can do while sitting at home is capable of reactivating your metabolism so much that it could make you lose weight.

Researchers have discovered a simple exercise associated with muscle soleus able to activate the metabolism and with that burn fat and the best of all is that we can do this exercise while sitting down.

If you don’t already know, the soleus is a muscle in the human body that runs from the knee to the Achilles tendon and is located in the calf behind the gastrocnemius.

To reach this startling conclusion, the researchers recruited 25 male and female participants of various ages, with various body mass indexes and fitness levels.

This is how they verified the effectiveness of the exercise

They wanted to see if doing soleus pushups for four and a half hours a day altered their metabolism or their blood glucose levels. After finishing the investigation, they observed that soleus activation reduced blood sugar levels and the need for insulin.

During the exercises, they found that fat metabolism worked twice as efficiently, reducing the fat content in the blood. However, they comment that soleus flexion is more effective in raising oxidized metabolism than exercise, weight loss, and fasting.

When properly activated, the soleus muscle can raise local oxidative metabolism to high levels for hours, not just minutes, and it does so using a different fuel mix.”, affirms the author of the work marc hamiltonProfessor of Health and Human Performance.

Not only would this exercise allow us to activate our metabolism to burn fat, but it could also be a solution to several health problems related to spending many hours sitting down every day.

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