Researchers have detected a massive star that is swallowing planets in the constellation of Aquila, located 12,000 light years from us. Experts predict that the same will happen in the solar system when the Sun runs out of fuel and swallows the nearby planets, starting with Mercury and Venus, and finally, Earth.

The universe is a sea of ​​unknowns and secrets, with many wonders yet to be discovered. We know that black holes are the most impressive phenomena that doom the life of any planet in space.

Even light cannot escape its pull, and this is because it is an extremely dense object with such a strong gravitational pull that it warps space-time around it.

Without a doubt, the Black holes are one of the most fascinating objects in the universe.. They are invisible, and can only be detected indirectly. In fact, they are so massive that they are capable of devouring an Earth-sized planet every second.

A group of astronomers have just detected a massive star swallowing a planet 12,000 light years away. He has run out of energy, therefore, he has begun to swallow any planet that is in his path.

The end of the Earth could be 5,000 million years away

Red Star

The gigantic star is within the Milky Way, near the constellation Aquila, which is shaped like an eagle. It was identified when experts detected that a star became more than 100 times brighter in just 10 daysbefore quickly disappearing.

It is said that astronomers had witnessed stars just before and shortly after the act of consuming planets, but they had never observed anything like it before.

Experts claim that this will also happen in the solar system, when the Sun runs out of “fuel” it will eat everything in its path, beginning with Mercury, Venus and, later, with the Earth. But this will not happen until within 5,000 million years.

Kishalay De, a researcher at MIT’s Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research, stated the following:

“We are looking at the future of the Earth. If some other civilization were watching us from 10,000 light-years away as the sun swallowed the Earth, they would see the Sun suddenly brighten as it ejected some material, then formed dust around it, before going back to what it was. ”.

According to data published by Nature, it is said that within 5,000 million years, the Sun will have become a red giant star, it will be one hundred times larger than its current size.


Since it will enter its final stage of life, it will expel gas and dust until it creates a gigantic envelope. Its core will transform into a small white dwarf star and it will shine for thousands of years.

The Sun will be vastly larger and brighter, and will likely destroy any life on the planet.. However, it is not yet known whether the rocky core of the Earth will survive, although it most likely will not.

Anyway, the end of the world is further away than you thinkit will take millions of years before the planet Earth ceases to exist, and that should cheer you up.


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