Spring is coming, and with it the opening of the amusement parks, which you will surely want to visit to try all those new attractions.

The bad thing about these amusement parksis that they usually have high prices and excessive waiting time in their main games, so in the end, more time is spent queuing than enjoying.

However, now the expert in theme park Mark Forrest, on his DisneyMark TikTok channel, wants to give us a series of tips so that we can visit amusement parks over the next few weeks without having to queue for their main rides.

First of all, Mark advises visitors to be aware of the time and to change the time for eating first and foremost.

At lunchtime is when there is less queue at the attractions, because most people stop to recharge their batteries.

If you come home already eaten or change to a different meal schedule, you could take advantage of that time when everyone eats to enter the most popular attractions.

Another piece of advice is to arrive at the amusement park first thing in the morning, which is when the attractions are emptiest. In this way, it is advisable to get up early, be there from the first moment it opens and thus enjoy those first two hours of greater tranquility.

He also recommends changing the general route, and going first to those attractions that are in the back of the park, because they tend to be the ones with the fewest people, at least at first.

Other tips to avoid queuing at the attractions

It is also recommended that you download the corresponding application for that theme park, since it is likely to have information on the approximate waiting time at each of the attractions, so that you can better manage your time.

And finally, if you can afford it, it is highly recommended to make use of the VIP tickets, which some parks in attractions They offer to skip the lines because, in general, they will end up being much more profitable since in less time you will enjoy more attractions.

So you can use these tips now that theme park season is coming up to avoid those endless lines at the most popular attractions.

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