To cook a perfect pasta that does not stick to the bottom of the pot and has a good consistency, it is necessary to follow the recommendations of the experts, who share their best cooking tricks.

If you want to prevent the pasta from sticking when cooking it or you haven’t added the right amount of salt, don’t worry, in this article we are going to share the secrets and the correct way to cook pasta, according to Italian chefs. In principle It seems that cooking Italian pasta is easybut it has its tricks, if we don’t follow them in the end we can create an inedible dough.

Cooking pasta is not a laborious process, the simplest thing is to boil water and empty the pasta, too easy, right? However, the flavor can be perfected, with extra ingredients, with a cooking technique and lots and lots of patience.

Do not throw away the pasta water: it has a surprising utility

We are not going to deny that there is nothing more frustrating than cooking pasta stuck to the pot, with a sticky ball, impossible to eatand additionally that the sauce has not been perfectly implemented to give it the extra touch of flavor, without a doubt, a true terror in the kitchen.

As a general rule, once we take the pasta out of the bag, we proceed to pour it into a pot with previously boiled water, After about 10 minutes on the fire, it is time to add the sauce and the corresponding seasonings to give it a personalized touch of seasoning..

To cook the perfect pasta you have to follow the tricks of the experts

However, Italian chefs have their recommendations for preparing the perfect pasta with an incomparable flavor. They reveal that first of all you should add salt to the water in the pot and then put it on the fire, this is important to give the pasta flavor.

Gennaro Contaldo, author of the book Gennaro’s Cucina: Hearty Money-Saving Meals From an Italian Kitchen, states the following: “You can tell the difference when you add salt. The pasta tastes mild and even if the sauce that goes with it is tasty. Personally, I add salt when the water starts to boil, this way it will dissolve quickly.”

On the other hand, if you want to cook a pasta like a true Italian chef, you should use hot water that you can preheat in the microwave, it should not be cold. The reason is that using this method the water will reach the boiling point more quickly and, therefore, you will save more time.

After the water has boiled is the ideal time to drop the pasta into the pot, if you do it before then the pasta will absorb too much water and become mushy, which of course nobody wants. Following this process, you will end up with a quite delicious homemade pasta, with a good texture.

As a summary and to better understand the process, Italian chefs recommend heating the water in the microwave, then adding salt, putting the pot with the previously hot water on the stove, waiting for it to boil, and then adding the pasta.. A process that has been revealed by experts to cook good pasta at home.


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