TikTok has announced TikTokSeriesa new paid content that premieres the videos from up to 20 minutesgetting even closer to YouTube.

TikTok Series refers to a video list that the content creators they can sell. The list can contain up to 80 videoswhich increase in duration up to 20 minutes.

These lists can be priced between 1 and 190 dollarsat the choice of the creator.

They can be placed as links on the creator’s profile or videos, and must be purchased through the TikTok app.

The new TikTok paywall

It is surprising to see a payment scheme and monetization in social networksthat does not depend on advertising, or a subscription.

For a while, creators will take all but the usual “cut” for sell content through TikTokwhich is from 30%, as reported by The Verge. Later on, to this percentage it will be necessary to add another one for commission of Series lists.

This is the presentation video of TikTokSeries:

The idea is that the creators create exclusive videos with courses, dances, physical exercises, etc., and sell them all together in a pack, for the amount they want.

We will see if users are willing to pay for something that, until now, they could get for free. The hook for them to do it is that now there will be 20 minute videos.

It is curious to discover how, when a social network has reached certain growth, renounces the philosophy that gave him fameand it becomes something else.


It already happened with Twitter, which abandoned the 144-character limit on tweets some time ago. Or with YouTube, which has introduced Short videos with a shoehorn and tortures us by inserting them into the subscription list.

TikTok has followed the same path. She became famous for her short videos of just 10 seconds. Later she increased to 10 minutes, and now she is premiering the 20 minute videoswhich practically becomes another YouTube.

TikTokSeries surprising because it is a system of selling videos, instead of resorting to advertising or subscriptions. Given its type of audience, we doubt it will be very successful.

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