Article updated on March 8, 2023: we have added two new models to the list. One is the VALBERG WD 8615 B W566C in the entry range and another is the LG F4J3TM5WD if you are looking for something more complete.

One of the advantages of living in a country like Spain is the number of hours of sunshine that we have and that, in household chores such as washing clothes, is noticeable when having clothes outside. But in areas with a lot of rain or cloudiness, or directly during winter, it is very difficult.

The washer dryers solve the problem of hanging on the street in a single product. When you finish washing your clothes, you can put a drying cycle to remove all moisture and thus save a lot of time. on Telegram on Telegram

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Dryers are no longer like those of years ago. Now they have modes that take great care of the garments and are increasingly energy efficient.

Combining a washer and dryer in one product will also save a lot of space. Although there are independent dryers, combining it with a washing machine allows you to have two products in one. You can also find very efficient class A models.

These are some of best washer dryers that you can buy at Leroy Merlin or Amazon, among other stores.

You only have to take into account the prices of transport when dealing with such bulky products and know their delivery or withdrawal policies of the previous model depending on the store where you buy it.

  1. Best value for money
  2. Great capacity at a good price
  3. With dry laundry detection
  4. with greater capacity
  5. with a big door
  6. The cheapest
  7. the longest

Best value for money: Valberg 8615 B W566C

Valberg WD 8615 B W566C

Valberg WD 8615 B W566C

Valberg WD 8615 B W566C-1677837775831

With 8 kg of washing capacity and 6 kg of drying, this washing machine has a good capacity. In addition, it has a much more affordable price than is usual in its sector.

Electro Depot, a store in the same group as Decathlon and Alcampo, has its own appliances, and one of them is this low-cost washer-dryer with surprisingly good features for what it costs.

For example, it has a load capacity of 8 kg in washing and 6 kg in drying, which is not bad at all and equals and even exceeds other models that are much more expensive.

In addition, it has 16 programs that you can modify according to the size or type of washing you want to put in, as well as its duration, which is quite customizable.

For its price, it is undoubtedly a good option if you want two appliances in one and you are on a tight budget.

Great capacity at a good price: Cecotec Bolero Wash&Dry 10700 Inverter

Cecotec Bolero Wash&Dry 10700 Inverter

Cecotec Bolero Wash&Dry 10700 Inverter

Cecotec Bolero Wash&Dry 10700 Inverter-1672676932189

Washer and dryer in a single product with 1500 rpm, 1900 W power and a capacity of 10 kg for washing and 7 kg for drying.

The first generation of Cecotec washers includes a model that combines washer and dryer, which is so far the only model in its range that combines both functions. Is about Cecotec Bolero Wash&Dry 10700 Inverter.

This model can with a load of 10 kg in washing and 7 kg in dryingwith a maximum speed of 1500 rpm.

It has 15 programs for different fabrics and functions, being able to choose the temperature and spin speed. It even has a programming mode from 0 to 24 hours ahead. When it comes to drying, it has two modes, automatic or extra, to make sure that it leaves it completely dry.

He has a certificate of energy efficiency B.

With dry laundry detection: Bosch WNA13400ES

Bosch WNA13400ES

Bosch WNA13400ES

Bosch WNA13400ES-1672677172814

Front-loading washer and dryer with a washing capacity of 8 kg and 5k drying, 1400 rpm and energy label E.

Bosch Series 4 WNA13400ES is a washer dryer model in a single product that has an 8 kg load to wash or up to 5 kg to dry. By having a continuous washing and drying mode, you only have to load it up to 5 kg.

It has a system that automatically detects when the clothes are dry by measuring the internal humidity, in addition the Bosch motor is fast and silent.

This model has a energy efficiency class E and a 1400 rpm engine.

With higher capacity: Samsung WD10T534DBW

Samsung WD10T534DBW

Samsung WD10T534DBW

Samsung WD10T534DBW-1672677283559

High capacity washer and dryer with support for up to 10.5 kg in washing and 6 kg in drying, front loading, energy efficiency label A and 1400 rpm.

Samsung WD10T534DBW It is a high-end washing machine from the South Korean company and it is a model with the largest capacity for your clothes.

can with washes up to 10.5 kg and dry up to 6 kg of weight. Although there is a big difference, remember that you do not always have to choose to dry all your laundry, but for example the clothes that are most needed.

It has an optimized detergent dispenser for each wash and even artificial intelligence that remembers your washing habits and recommends cycles. It is also a very quiet model with a 1400 rpm motor.

Best of all, load capacity aside, this Samsung washer dryer has a energy efficiency class A for washing and E for tumble drying.

With a big door: Hisense WDQY901428VJM

Hisense WDQY901428VJM

Hisense WDQY901428VJM


A washing machine with a steam program that only reaches 56 dB of noise, being very quiet. It greatly reduces wrinkles thanks to the steam treatment after each program and eliminates 99.8% of bacteria…

Hisense WDQY901428VJM is a washer dryer in a single appliance with a front load of 9 kg in washing and 6 kg in drying.

It has an efficient 1400 rpm motor and energy efficiency certificate A. An anti-sway system, a large door to make it easy to put clothes in and out, and an LED panel where you can see the remaining time or information on the program you choose.

This model has a self-dosing detergent system that you can fill once a month and forget about adding detergent by hand.

It is a model with good value for money because it accepts a significant amount of clothing and at the same time has an A energy efficiency class.

The cheapest: Beko HTV7716DSWBTR



Beko HTV7716DSWBTR-1672677765428

Front-loading washer-dryer with a capacity of 7 kg of clothes in the wash and 4 kg in the dryer. Energy efficiency label D and 1400 rpm.

If you are looking for a washer dryer in the same appliance and that is cheap, you have the option of buying this one. Beko HTV7716DSWBTR.

A model with front loading and a capacity of 7 kg in washing and up to 4 kg in drying. The speed of the drum is 1400 rpm and according to its specifications the maximum noise is 64 dBa during drying. Of course, its energy efficiency label is D, so in the end you may spend less on the washing machine, but more on electricity compared to other options.

The longest-lived: LG F4J3TM5WD



LG F4J3TM5WD-1677839285334

This washer dryer has a capacity of 8 kg and 5 kg with a 10-year warranty and up to 22 years of useful life, as well as a self-diagnosis service.

LG is quite well known in various electronics markets, “white goods” being just one of them. Of course, they sell not one but several top-level washer dryers.

Without going too far in price, this model that we are mentioning is quite competitive, especially in terms of warranty and durability, since according to the manufacturer it is made to last 22 years, although the warranty is 10, which is not bad either.

It has good capacity, an attractive design and also has intelligent diagnostics. You just have to bring the mobile closer to contact the technical service and they will tell you exactly what is happening.

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