A Spanish citizen named albertoI buy an second hand sofa it’s a charity market. But he came with a surprise: inside there was 6,000 euros. Did you keep them or return them?

We’ve all heard stories of people finding an old computer or a baseball card from their grandfather, worth thousands of dollars. Or a ring of second hand which he pays for cheap on eBay or Wallapop, and it turns out to be a silver Viking ring from 1,500 years ago.

The Auction Hunters or Butt Auctions shows people discovering treasures in warehouses that their owners have abandoned. But those things only happen in the United States.

Today we have a similar story, although it has happened in Spain, as reported by the newspaper AS, via Business Insider.

The second-hand sofa with 6,000 euros

The lucky protagonist, of whom only his name is known, albertowent to a charity market. Here the people donate things you no longer useand the raised money is intended for charitable causes.

The aforementioned Alberto went to one of these markets, and a second-hand sofa caught his attention. So he bought it. Unfortunately, we don’t know what he paid for it. But being a donated item, sure not much.

When he took it home, the first thing he did was take the sofa apart, to clean it thoroughly. By manipulating one of the cushionsHe had a weird feeling. He wasn’t especially fluffy. She decided to open it, and inside she found… 6,000 euro in 20 euro bills.

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When you find such an amount of money, it is normal to be shocked. After a while, the dilemma arises: do you stay the moneyor try to find its owner? Technically, and we assume legally, it’s yours, because you bought the sofa. But maybe they are the savings of a life from someone, money you might desperately need.

Although, taking into account that they were all 20 euro bills, its provenance seems rather suspicious. Who keeps only 20 euro bills?

The problem is that it is difficult to find its owner in a charity market, where many times there is no record of who has donated what. And if you say that You have found 6,000 euros in an armchairthey will appear 20 alleged owners

The point is that, finally, alberto He decided keep the money. That second hand sofa that you bought in a solidarity market, surely it has become the best purchase of your life. What would you have done with them? 6,000 euros?

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