With the arrival of Easter and also about to arrive the summer holidays, surely you are already looking at different destinations to pay a good tribute in the vacationand you will probably have to take the odd plane.

We have a multitude of airlines in which to bet on our vacations, and we must take into account the valuation of each one of them so that our long-awaited vacations do not spoil us.

And now thanks to the OCU, we know which are the most valued airlines among the 37 most popular in the world, and there are wide differences, and in some of them we can understand the difference in ticket prices.

Regarding Spanish users, according to the OCU, they highly value punctuality and price when purchasing a plane ticket.

A small Spanish airline sneaks into the best in the world


The airline Luxair is the best rated with 86 overall satisfaction, followed by Emirates with 84 satisfaction, and Qatar Airways with 83 satisfaction. The fourth place of Binter Canarias is surprising, with an 80 rating and well above other airlines masks.

However, in the tail positions, we find airlines such as AerLingus, Ryanair and Wizzair that have a rather modest satisfaction.

Specifically of the national airlines, in addition to the aforementioned Binter Canarias, Air Europa, Iberia Express and Iberia have a very good score, which are among the 20 best in the world, according to this survey.

The main problem: delays and cancellations

A small Spanish airline sneaks into the best in the world


Many airlines have received negative scores due to things like delays and cancellations.

However, 26% of those surveyed have indicated some type of problem with their last experiences when using an airline, 19% speaking of a delay in arrival of more than 15 minutes, or 4% to the cancellation of the flight, among others.

Although a delay in arrival of more than 15 minutes is totally acceptable, cancellations are the problems that nobody ever wants to have, and they can come due to force majeure, inclement weather, illness or strikes.

In this way, we must be very careful when choosing a date for our ticket of planebecause our entire vacation could be spoiled.

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