The human mind is not made to maintain a daily routine of 8 hours a day doing the same thing day after day. Or at least, not creative minds. And the way that these minds have to escape from the routine is with the procrastination. If you experience this problem, the monk mode you can help.

Procrastination is delay tasks and obligations What do you have to do, replacing them with distractions or more fun things, which don’t really bring you anything. This can happen by boredomby lazinessor by saturation. but also for him fear or the stress generated by facing your obligations.

procrastinating is humanAnd we’ve all done it at some point. You have to complete a task with telecommuting or studies, and you get distracted by social networks, or counting the times you put a ball of paper in the bin, without fail… and then try to beat your own record.

The problem arises when the procrastination makes you delay tasks, or force you to spend several more hours a day for complete your obligations.

Monk Mode: A Case Study

This is what happened to software developer Cameron Perrinwho, as he explains in an interview in Business Insider, dedicated 9 or 10 hours a day to complete a job that could be done in 6 or 7 hours.

Cameron works as a developer, in addition to additional assignments as a freelance. And he maintains a blog on artificial intelligence.

He admits in the interview that he was very distracted by social networks and mobile notifications, to the point of not finishing the work, and then spending the rest of the day blaming yourself for not finishing it. So he decided to find a solution. He found information about the monk mode, who has been practicing successfully for some time. ensures that has recovered 3 hours a daywhich you can spend on other things.

He monk method It refers to austerity. One has to absolutely eliminate all distractions within a fixed period. Cameron started with a monk mode of 2 hours.

There are five types of procrastination and if you use more than three you have a problem

He completely cleared his deskleaving her completely free. He removed the distractions from the room, and He took the mobile and the tablet to another room. She got Ambiental music so as not to hear your dog or outside noises, and on your computer I only had the tabs open with the projects that was working.

During 2 hours I tried to work as much as possible without distractions. To make it easier, he also used the pomodoro method, which consists of work hard for 25 minutes and rest for 5 minutesand that of “eating a frog”, which forces you to do the most unpleasant task the first.

If ideas or activities came to him that were not on his list, he wrote them down and left them for another time.

Improved productivityso now perform two batches in monk mode in each day:

  • Create a list the day before with the important things you have to do
  • He gets up at 5 in the morning, has a coffee, reads the Bible a little, and begins the day
  • 2 hours in Monk Mode
  • 1 hour rest with a little exercise, and a second breakfast
  • 2 Hours of Monk Mode
  • Check the mail, and do tasks until the day is complete

Make sure that with this method only works 6 or 7 hours a dayand recover 3 hours that he had lost through procrastination.

It is not easy to follow such a strict routine, but if you start by practicing 30 minutes with the monk modeand you are increasing little by little, surely you will obtain positive results to banish the procrastination. Try it!

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