The Real Madrid coach, Carlo Ancelotti, was satisfied with the good performance of his team in the victory (3-1) this Saturday against RCD Espanyol, at the same time that he spoke about the proper names of the clash such as Tchouameni, Camavinga and Militao, and criticized the attitude of the referees towards Vinicius due to the number of yellow cards he receives.

“I think many of the yellow cards were due to protests, he seemed exemplary to me today, he didn’t protest, he didn’t say anything. He played very well, he must continue like this. Vinicius gets a lot of yellow cards for the kicks he receives,” said the coach. at a press conference after the game.

The coach, who celebrated one hundred victories in LaLiga on the white bench, wanted to analyze the clash. “It’s very good. We’re going for the next 100. I think that in front we had more mobility than usual, we tried to enter more from the right, Rodrygo helped a lot there, Vinicius played very well, and we generated more opportunities,” he said.

“It depends a lot on the opponent’s strategy, if you have a rival that closes a lot inside, like Espanyol today, it’s better to have two wingers. If it’s like Betis, which leaves more space between the lines, a midfielder is better, like Rodrygo. The pressure suits us better with the midfielder, the 4-4-2 is the best way to press up in defense. We have tried to play with two on the outside because the center was very closed”, he added.

The coach, who acknowledged that he was already thinking about the game against Liverpool, under the madridista euphoria despite the bulky result of the first leg. “I think we have had an experience last year with Chelsea in which it was very difficult for us to go through despite the advantage. The fact is that we have an advantage, we are favourites, but we have to play 90 minutes with the same attitude as the first leg. No We can hide the advantage, hopefully we will take advantage of it with a match at the top. We can’t think about managing the result. We have to go to the top, like at Anfield”, he highlighted.

Regarding the proper names, the Italian highlighted the good performance of Tchouameni, although he acknowledged that it was not an “ideal” match for him. “I have seen him quite well, he lost a couple of balls at the beginning, but they are not the ideal games for him. He has very good defensive skills, when we have to handle the ball it is clear that he cannot show his best version. I trusted him It’s very good, for the next games it will be important,” he said.

In this sense, he also wanted to talk about Camavinga’s game on the left side and his mistake in Joselu’s goal. “It’s an aspect that has to be improved, it’s a limit for an inexperienced player, he’s very young, he’s not used to playing as a full-back. It’s normal for it to happen to him, he has to improve it, but our idea is to put him inside, not as side,” he said.

Lastly, he had a few words of appreciation for Militao, scorer of the second goal for the Whites, and Rodrygo, who missed the goal today. “Militao could be a great striker. I don’t know if Rodrygo could be a great defender, but even if he doesn’t score, he helps us a lot in defense. It’s a bit strange, but you have to see it in the right way. Militao has been very forceful. Rodrygo scores little because I ask him for a lot of defensive work”, he concluded.

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