The former vice president of the CTA warned that he would uncover “irregularities” if the club stopped paying him


The Prosecutor’s Office has filed a complaint this Friday against FC Barcelona and its former presidents Sandro Rosell and Josep Maria Bartomeu for alleged corruption in payments to the former vice president of the Technical Committee of Referees (CTA) José María Enríquez Negreira.

The complaint, consulted by Europa Press, is also directed against Negreira himself and the former directors of the club Óscar Grau and Albert Soler.

The Prosecutor’s Office accuses them of having allegedly committed the crimes of corruption between individuals in the sports field, unfair administration and documentary falsification.

The complaint has been filed in the Barcelona Investigating Court 1, which has already received a complaint from the referee Xavier Estrada Fernández against Negreira and his son Javier Enríquez Romero for these events.

However, the Prosecutor’s Office leaves out of its complaint Enríquez Romero, who was the sole administrator of Negreira’s company DASNIL 95 SL, because it has not been proven that “he knew and shared his father’s purpose.”


The prosecutor’s brief states that, through Rosell and Bartomeu as presidents, Barça “maintained a strictly confidential verbal agreement” with Negreira, who was then vice president of the Arbitration Committee.

The agreement, according to the prosecutor, was for Negreira “in exchange for money, to carry out actions tending to favor the FCB in the decision-making of the referees in the matches that the club played, and thus in the results of the competitions” and , in this sense, emphasizes that the appointment of referees for each match in official competitions is made by the Arbitration Committee.


The Prosecutor’s Office calculates that from 2001 to 2018 Negreira earned more than 7.3 million euros, to which the prosecutor points out: “It was a real remuneration not provided for in the club’s statutes or approved by the General Assembly. In short, said perceptions They had no legal or statutory support.”

The prosecutor’s complaint states that two Negreira companies issued invoices to Barça “without them responding to any real technical advisory services or services”, and specifies that they invoiced Barça 2,971,673.01 euros between 2014 and 2018.

The letter adds that the bank accounts where Negreira received the payments “were almost entirely fed by the income from the FCB, which were withdrawn, for the most part, by bearer checks” collected by third parties at the request of Negreira, at the request of Negreira. who then delivered the cash.

Negreira was relieved of the CTA in May 2018 and then Barça stopped paying him, which Negreira reproached Bartomeu in a burofax that the prosecutor reproduces: “I have no desire to publicize all the irregularities that I have known and experienced first-hand in relation to anyone from the club, but you will force me to do so if you do not reconsider your decision and comply with the agreement we had to continue counting on my services until the end of the presidential term”.


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