When a society has been defeated by weapons, the only thing left is to make them more secure.

It just went on sale in the United States. Biofire Smart Guna new kind of smart gun that only works if you pass a test fingerprint and facial recognition. In this way, it intends to avoid hundreds of deaths due to imprudence or unauthorized use of the Firearms.

A few days ago we published a story about a video recorded by an American, in which she confessed that what she envied most about Spain was not the weather, the food, the beaches or the monuments, but being able to take her children to school or to a mall, with the certainty that they are not going to get shot.

Hundreds of people die each year in the United States related to school shootings either malls, suicides of young people with arms of their fathers, gun handling accidentsand other episodes that have little to do with self-defense.

Despite this, although the debate exists, for now there is little chance that they will banish weapons from homes. So the only option left is that those weapons be as safe as possible.

Biofire Smart Gun, the smart gun

We’ve already seen a few smart weapons in recent years, but most ended up hackedor they were not very reliable, because the biometric protection failed.

Biofire Smart Gun promises to be different. Is a smart gun that can only be fired if the wielding subject exceeds the fingerprint test and the one of facial recognition:

Biofire Smart Gun

This smart gun can store the biometric data of up to 5 people.

It is not about, in a dangerous situation, wasting precious seconds that could cost you your life, placing your finger on a fingerprint reader, or pointing a camera at your face.

Biofire promises that these two tests are performed when you pick up the gun. He fingerprint reader is in the handle, and the camera recognizes the face through a screen that is in a kind of weapon control base. So in theory, you don’t waste time.

The gun that freezes tears to shoot them at whoever has made you cry (figuratively)

It seems that the idea has been liked in the United States, because in a few days the Founder Edition, which allows you to customize the weapon and is worth $2,499, has run out. Of the standard version, which costs $1,899, only 16% remains.

Biofire Smart Gunthe smart gun which works with fingerprint and facial recognitionseems the lesser evil of one of the greatest failures of American society.

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