Contemplating the most beautiful planet in the known universe, from the outside, makes you see things in a different way…

The POT has published a ASMR video one hour long, showing the Land view from the space to 4K resolutionwith Relaxing music and some spectacular images.

NASA’s budget is very high, more than 25,000 million dollars a year, because traveling through space is not cheap. That is why it is always very active on social networks, because in some way it has to justify the investment to taxpayers, showing photos and videos of their missions and projects.

This video uploaded by POT This weekend, it’s a little different than what we’re used to.

The most relaxing view on Earth

Many astronauts and space tourists who have gone into space and seen the earth from outsidethey have been ecstatic with its beauty, in front of the blackness of the universe.

The most recent case is that of the actor William Shatner, who at the age of 90 traveled to space a few months ago with Blue Origin. He was so affected with the beautiful vision of the Earth, that now he cannot sleep thinking about how fragile it is and how close we are to destroying it with the climate change either the wars and nuclear weapons.

What is the immense red halo of 360 kilometers that has appeared in the Italian skies

Borders cannot be seen from space, and that makes the political and personal problems of humans seem insignificant, compared to the immense beauty of the only planet with life that we know of. It’s a state of mind that even has a name: the Perspective Effect.

The POT knows, better than anyone, that problems are relativized when look at the earth from spaceso she created this amazing hour-long ASMR video, at the pace of Relaxing music. Ideal to lose yourself in its beauty, and forget about worries:

Everything is seen differently when you contemplate a spectacular aurora borealis 400 kilometers high.

These incredible scenes, filmed at 4K resolutionwere captured between March 2022 and March 2023 during Expeditions 67 and 68 of the International Space Station. In some moments you can see its solar panels.

He ASMR video of the Landwith Relaxing musicIt is ideal to disconnect for a while and reduce stress contemplating a unique planet, in more ways than one. Enjoy!

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