The Andalusian club denounces “errors” that cannot result in sanctions for their team


Cádiz CF announced this Saturday that it has presented allegations against the minutes of the match between its team and Getafe this Friday at the Nuevo Mirandilla, by the referee Hernández Hernández, due to “errors and inaccuracies” in the description of the controversial situations, which should not be lead to sanctions.

“In relation to the events that occurred in the match held yesterday, in which the minutes drawn up by the arbitration group include certain incidents that supposedly occurred at the end of the match, which directly affect our footballers Iza Carcelén and Jeremías Conan Ledesma, Cádiz announces that it has proceeded to present allegations against the merited arbitration act,” says the Andalusian team in a statement.

With respect to the arbitration team, Cádiz “considers that the match report suffers from errors and notorious and significant inaccuracies.” “Regarding the incidents included in the minutes regarding the player Iza Carcelén, there are obvious inconsistencies and inconsistencies between the facts described in the minutes and those that actually occurred, with the legal consequences that must be inferred from the exposed lack of clarity of the minutes. arbitration”, points out about the expulsion of his player for aggression.

“In relation to the conduct that the record imputes to Ledesma, there is absolutely conclusive, unequivocal and unquestionable video evidence, which shows that the facts described in the match record do not correspond to reality and that prevent any conduct susceptible to disciplinary reproach from being attributed to him. “He adds about the Argentine’s push in changing rooms that the minutes include.

“For all these reasons, Cádiz trusts that, once the previous extremes have been noted by the competent disciplinary bodies, the incidents collected by the refereeing group in the match record must be without effect and, therefore, without any disciplinary significance. “, ends, 24 hours after another controversial match for salvation that ended in 2-2 due to a penalty from Enes Ünal in the 106th minute.

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