The Athletic Club player Dani García assured this Thursday that winning against FC Barcelona, ​​this Sunday in San Mamés on matchday 25 of LaLiga Santander, would give them a “joy” that they need as well as allowing them to continue in the fight for European positions, and avoid thus staying “in no man’s land”.

“We come with a ‘streak’ that is not good and we know that the fans like these types of games. Winning against Barça would give us joy that both we and the fans need,” he acknowledged at a press conference.

For the midfielder it is necessary to win the 3 points against Barça and against any other rival. “The points are necessary. We need to score now, we haven’t scored in that European fight for a long time and if we don’t get involved soon, we’ll be left in no man’s land, which is what we don’t want,” he said.

“When you don’t add three, I don’t usually look at the classification. But with a good streak you stay with those at the top and if you have a bad dynamic you will stay in no man’s land, as has happened to us sometimes. We have the team to catch a streak good and get us up there”, he added.

In addition, he believes that they must take advantage of the absence of Dembélé or Pedri at Barça. “They also have important casualties that we should take advantage of. And we must be ourselves. If we play at our level, with the support of the fans, we have a chance to beat them. We have to go out with a lot of intensity, take away their leading role and do damage in their area “He pointed out the keys to win the duel.

“Barça is having a very good regularity, something that Real Madrid is not. In Europe I saw the games against Manchester and they were very even. When Barça has a very good day, it’s difficult to win. Let’s hope they have a regular day, but the season that they are doing is very good”, commented on the state of the Barça.

On the other hand, on a personal level, he celebrated playing more now than in the first part of the season. “It has been a first round in which I have not participated much. I have tried to continue training to the fullest to take advantage of the moment. Now the coach is counting on me more and I am happy. If you participate more, you are happier and I hope to continue the same and continue playing “, desire.

“Playing in San Mamés is very special, and for me, as a passionate player, even more so. And in this type of match, with the most excited people, it’s the milk. I have had to come off the bench to endure results, It is not enjoyed as much as when you are a starter. If I am, I will enjoy it to the fullest. The truth is that I feel like it”, he was sincere.

Asked about the duo he forms with Mikel Vesga and what is said about them, due to the bad results, he was clear. “It annoys me that we don’t win when we play together because it seems that when we both play there are people who prefer that we lose. In other seasons we have seen positive results, but we have also played together against the top teams,” he said.

“I am not going to defend the indefensible, which are the results of this year. But with my friend I play at ease. When people see that Dani and Vesga are playing, many predict the result or say ‘we already know what awaits us.’ exceeded the comment that when we both play it seems that the world ends. There are days that we have given joys, “he reiterated.

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