The Footballers ON union invites to promote a collective agreement for footballers in non-professional categories in view of the need for a “new”, “updated” labor framework that “responds to the needs” of these players.

Futbolistas ON recalled that since February it has been talking with the UGT and AFE unions to establish a protocol and a voting calendar to start the negotiation of a collective agreement applicable to professional soccer players who do not have it.

It also indicated that in 2019 they denounced the collective agreement of the old Second B, which dated from 1989, considering it “obsolete” and “alien” to the improvements in labor and social rights that have occurred in the last 30 years.

“Since the start of the meetings, Futbolistas ON has exposed and maintained that colleagues from all non-professional categories need the security of the framework of a collective agreement.
However, Futbolistas ON has not found the same opinion in the rest of the unions present at these meetings (AFE and UGT). Considering these that now is the time to propose a collective agreement in the First Federation, “he said.

Likewise, they stressed that they do not want to exclude colleagues from the rest of the non-professional categories of Spanish football from the protection of a collective agreement.

“The proposed electoral scope is the only one that will allow negotiating an agreement that covers all soccer players whom the soccer players’ unions and class unions represent in accordance with their statutes. In addition, the indicated scope of negotiation coincides with the spheres of representation of the most representative business associations in non-professional leagues”, he added.

For this reason, and to guarantee equal treatment in working conditions between male and female athletes, they call for mobilization to achieve a collective agreement for all.

“Our goal is to negotiate an agreement for everyone. There are employer bodies with representation in all non-professional categories. We want to sit down to talk and agree with the rest of the unions and Spanish football bodies,” said the president of Futbolistas ON,
Juanjo Martinez.

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