There are few things more terrifying than seeing a deer gobbling up a rabbit. Is Nature going crazy, or do herbivores eat meat too?

By definition a herbivorous is an animal that feeds on plants. So why are there videos on social media where you can see horses eating chicks, cows that eat snakeseither deer that eat birds and rabbits? The reasons are varied, and they all have to do with the fickle rules of Nature.

Depending on what they eat, we have herbivorous animals, whose food base are the plants. Carnivoreswhich feed on meat. insectivoreswhat do they eat insectsand omnivoreswhat do they eat animals and plants. Here we come in.

The herbivores They eat plants, but that does not mean that, from time to time, they make an exception. In this Nature Lenses video you can see different herbivores eating birds, fish and rabbits. Be careful because it can hurt the sensitivity of some people.

herbivores eating animals

Why do they do it? The herbivores they don’t hunt animals, but if they see one near their mouth, or perhaps a rabbit or a recently killed animal, sometimes they eat it. The reason is that it is a quick way to get certain nutrients.

It also occurs in times of drought or heat waves, when there is little grass or plants. They turn to meat as a source of energy.

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Finally, it also happens if certain herbivores notice that they lack essential nutrients such as salt, iron either calcium. They are needed for basic functions like the reproduction wave immunity against diseases or parasites.

If they don’t get them by eating plants, they do. eating meat. Deer communities have been documented that habitually eat gull pups because they provide calcium, vital for the development of their horns.

Meat-eating herbivores: an explanation

It must be clear that herbivores are not prepared to eat meat. Its teeth are designed for tearing, but not for cutting meat or crushing bone. AND their digestive system does not digest meat well. It causes digestive problems.

For them it is a bad drink, and they do not have a good time, but the most important it is survival. If the meat gives them something they need, they will eat it from time to time, although it is not usual, and they cannot do it often. His stomach wouldn’t take it.

Some herbivores eat meat, but it provides them with few nutrients. They would starve just by eating meat. They do it occasionally ingest specific nutrientsas salt, iron or calcium.

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