It looks like a collage of images, but it’s a simple photo. No wonder it has gone viral on networks.

The gap photographyby the Japanese photographer kenichi ohnoIn addition to winning awards, it has gone viral on social networks. And it does not surprise us, because it is spectacular. Take a look at the cover photo, and try to describe what it is.

At first glance, it looks like a photo montage of several different images: a blue sea, a kind of orange lakeand a bird. But it’s not like that. She is a actual photo with a single exposurewithout any Photo retouching. Nor has it been generated by an AI.

How is it possible? Even if they tell you it’s not a setup, many people have a hard time figuring out what it is. We have to admit that it took us a few seconds. What do we see in this image?

Gap, the photo that makes your brain explode

What appears in the photo is a heron spotlight, walking on a lake. On the left side everything is normal, the key is the right side.

what we are seeing is an orange stone wall in the upper right, which it reflects in the water, at the bottom:

Photo Gap Explained

It takes a few seconds to focus the composition, but once you do, everything clicks, and it’s perfectly clear.

The key to the photo is that no wind. This allows the reflection of the wall to be almost like a mirror. With wind, the water would move and the effect would not be as powerful.

According to PetaPixel, the photograph was taken in Saitama Prefecture, in the Kantō region of Honshu, near Tokyo. Kenichi submitted her to the photo contest “japanese nature“, organized by the Japanese Association of Photographic Societies (AJAPS), and was the winner of the Special Selection.

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The aim of this contest, organized by Sony, is to reflect “the splendor of Japan’s nature through works that directly express landscapes, flora and fauna, and human activities“.

Definitely an original Photography that it is not tricked, and precisely because of this, it can make your head explode. It takes a while to discover what does the picture show.

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