Haribo’s gummy bears are in the midst of a controversy that you’ve probably been a part of for years. It is associated with its true flavor, which will leave you speechless when you discover it.

Haribo gummies are a delicious treat that you have surely tasted at some point in your life. We know that there are several flavors, six to be exact, where We all know that the orange ones taste like orange and the yellow ones taste like lemon, but there is a bear that has generated a lot of controversy on social networks..

A situation that has shocked more than one consumer has been echoed on Twitter. It turns out that the green bear that we all associate with apple flavor is not what it seemsIn fact, this bear has a strawberry flavor, yes, you read that right, it tastes like a strawberry even though it is green.

The news has spread like wildfire on social networks, but it is on Reddit where users have expressed their impressions of the Haribo green gummy, whose flavor is strawberry. There are comments of all kinds, where they affirm that they had never been asked or had not paid attention to the bags where this product is sold.

Similarly, users discovered the origin of the name of Haribo, a company founded in Germany on December 13, 1920 by Hans Riegel. It has been confirmed that the name comes from the first two letters of his name, his last name, and the city where he was born, which was Bonn, Germany.

Haribo’s strawberry-flavored green gummy in Spain

You are surely wondering what You’ve been trying Haribo’s green gummy for years and it tastes like apple, and it doesn’t taste like strawberry at all. Well, there is an explanation for this, and that is that the strawberry-flavored green bear is only available in the United States.

This means that in other countries where the product is marketed, such as England, Germany or Spain, the green bear has an apple flavor, as it should. So American consumers are the ones who are speechless to know the true flavor of the green gummy.

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Haribo’s jelly bean packages include the available flavors, and the flavor of each is clearly displayed: red is raspberry, yellow is lemon, orange is orange, clear is pineapple, and green is the controversial flavor. strawberry.

Fortunately, In Spain there is no such mess of flavors, so you can continue tasting your favorite flavors of bear jelly beans made by the German company. A situation that is undoubtedly curious, and that can arise in other products such as chocolates, sweets and other sweets.

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