Although we think that our senses are totally infallible, it is clear that they have sometimes played a trick on us, and the proof that you should not trust them completely are optical illusions.

For years, scientists from all over the world have tested the human senses by creating a series of optical illusionsand the ones that we are going to show you today invite you to be able to discern how many colors you see in the image, and it is likely that you will be wrong.

In this case we want to show you an image made by iCompario, where we have a series of fuel pumps, in several rows, with supposedly a lot of colors in each of the rows.

This optical illusion has been created using the concept of Munker-Whitewhich places lines in the background to fool your brain.

How many colors do you see?  This viral optical illusion will make your head explode?

It is that human vision not only considers the colors of objects but also the colors that surround them.

If you think you’re seeing different colors in each of the rows, you’ve already been tricked by your brain.

And it is that by changing the colors of the lines of the fuel pumps, our brain also changes our perception of each pump.

Although there seems to be a variety of different colored fuel pumps, surprisingly there are only five different colored fuel pumps, because each row is exactly the same.”, they explain.

And it is that, you take a closer look, the colored lines that cross the fuel pump, show the original color. To do this, you must save the image, and zoom in on it as much as possible to see that the colors have not really changed.

For example, a red line gives the fuel pump a different perceived color. This can cause our brain to perceive some fascinating color changes, which don’t exist”, they add.

Sometimes our senses are insufficient to determine the truth of what we perceive.

Let’s go with another optical illusion

How many colors do you see?  This viral optical illusion will make your head explode?

Another of these optical illusions, from 2019, is where we see spheres, apparently of different colors, floating in the middle of red, blue and green lines.

As you can imagine, we are not seeing spheres of different colors, but rather they all have the same color, specifically, a light brown base color.

This last optical illusion has been created by David Novicka professor at the University of Texas, who points out that “an illusion of tri-color confetti with spheres, which appear to be yellowish, reddish, and purple, but are actually the exact same light brown base color (RGB 255,188,144)“.

In this way, you should never fully trust your senses, especially sight, because we have a multitude of delusions opticians in popular culture.

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