Former American player Shawn Kemp, an NBA star in the 1990s, was released Thursday without charge after being arrested for his involvement in a drive-by shooting.

As reported by the website of the ‘ESP’ chain, the Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement that it will not file charges immediately and that it released the 53-year-old former Seattle Supersonics player who had been booked by the authorities for a serious crime having fired shots from a car in the town of Tacoma, without anyone being injured. Earlier, the police had reported an altercation outside a shopping center between the occupants of two vehicles and that a weapon had been recovered.

For his part, Scott Boatman, Shawn Kemp’s lawyer, reported in a statement sent to the famous ‘ESPN’ journalist Adrian Wojnarowski indicating that someone had opened the former player’s car and stolen numerous items, including an iPhone. The six-time ‘All Star’ and NBA finalist with the Sonics in 1996 was able to track him to a car from which he was shot when he approached and which he responded in self-defense.

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