Between the days March 1 and 2 it is being produced the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter. Some also call it, romantically, the Kiss of Venus and Jupitera celestial phenomenon that we will not see again this year.

The planets describe different orbits around the Sun, at different speeds and with different paths. But are orbits they are almost in the same planeSo once in a while, the planets of the Solar System cross each other.

The conjunction of Venus and Jupiterseen from Earth, means that both planets come together in the sky, until almost “merging” into one. In fact, depending on light pollution or weather, both could be seen as a single light in the sky.

The Kiss of Venus and Jupiter

This Kiss of Venus and Jupiter occurs once every 13 months. So we won’t see the next one until 2024.

Of course, the planets don’t actually come together, there’s no danger of them colliding. It is an optical effect, from our position on Earth. In reality both planets are separated by a distance of 900 million kilometers.

Between the days March 1 and 2 we are seeing them almost glued to an angular distance of only 1 degree. You can see something like this:

Venus and Jupiter conjunction

Best of all, is that this planetary conjunction it is possible to enjoy it in full view, without the need to use a telescope or binoculars.

All you have to do is leave the town where you live to avoid light pollution, at sunset.

NASA James Webb Telescope

As soon as nightfall, if you look at the westyou can see the Kiss of Venus and Jupiter. It has no loss, since are the two brightest objects in the sky after the Moon, and they will be together. The one that shines the most is Venus.

It is a unique and spectacular phenomenon, as well as very beautiful. It’s worth seeing conjunction of Venus and Jupiter with your own eyes. The best time is until March 2. Then they will separate little by little until they disappear for a while.

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