Many people have the cold hands or are they more sensitive to coldeven at warm ambient temperatures, when they are using the keyboard of the computer. the curious device Varme tea warm your hands while you are typingwearing infrared light.

Typing with cold hands is a nuisance, and putting on the heater or a radiator that heats the room only for the hands is a high expense.

Logically this usually happens more frequently in cold environments, or in winter. But there are people who have cold hands year-round, even in summer, and suffer from problems of numbnesseven pain, when they use a computer keyboard.

Varme, the infrared hand warmer

The most logical thing is to resort to gloves with holes for the fingers, but they are uncomfortable to wear while typing, and they reduce your mobility. Luckily, the Danish startup Varme He has thought of an interesting solution.

There are many ways to generate heat, and one of them is by infrared light. That’s exactly what you use Varme:


It is a “V” shaped device, which is placed in front of the keyboard. This can be a problem if you have the monitor very low, and makes it useless with laptops. It is only for keyboards desktop.

uses 8 LED lights that emits infrared heat of low intensity, although it is capable of rise up to 10 degrees Celsius the area around the keyboard:


how do we say this infrared light It is low intensity, it does not harm the skin nor can it burn paper or anything similar. It has been certified by the European health authorities.

The tilt angle makes the LED lights hidden from the eyes. The result is a comforting warmth around the handsaccording to the creators.

And why use one? infrared lamp if you can use a small heater? simply because consumption.

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Varme just consume 42W, less than a light bulb. If we estimate the price of electricity at 20 cents per KWh on average, as it is now, this lamp consumes less than 1 euro cent per hour. Not bad at all for keeping warm hands.

Varmethe device that heats up the cold hands while you typeusing a infrared lightis sold on its website at a price of around 160 euros. Something more than a pair of gloves, but much more practical and comfortable.

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