One of those attractions that almost everyone likes is the Ferris wheel, and we have Ferris wheels at the fair, but also those huge waterwheels that they are capable of ruling an entire city, like London or Singapore, among others.

And South Korea wants to go much further with its plans to build the noria The world’s largest radioless, and it’s going to offer stunning views of Seoul by 2025.

Named as Ring of seoul, breaks with traditional guidelines thanks to innovative technology. Specifically, they are going to build it on the old landfill in Haneul Park, by the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG).

“Seoul Ring will not only serve as an entertainment facility, but will also become a cultural complex that gives visitors a chance to experience the historical significance of Nanjido.“, they explain via CNN.

South Korea wants to build the most cutting-edge, futuristic Ferris wheel you've ever imagined by 2025

In addition, it will offer a variety of festivals, cultural and tourist content and programs, and a place for communication”, they comment.

A 180 meter high Ferris wheel

Once built, the wheel will have a height of 180 m, that is, 45 m higher than the famous wheel in London.

Once it is built, visitors will be able to take in views of the Hangang River, downtown Seoul, Namsan Mountain, and also Bukhansan Mountain from their stainless steel capsules.

Haneul Park is considered a significant place for its symbolism as a gate to both Seoul and unified Korea and as a geographically close place to North Korea that shows the harmony and reunification of the Korean race.“adds the SMG.

This futuristic Ferris wheel will house 36 capsules that can each be filled with 25 people.

This Ferris wheel will incorporate green technologies that are in line with Seoul’s sustainability goals.

The Seoul Ring is expected to serve as the city’s new landmark enhancing its global standing and urban competitiveness while revitalizing the local economy”, they conclude.

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