LaLiga confirmed this Thursday that it has filed a complaint with the police after hearing the statements by former soccer player Aday Benítez in which he admits to having received an offer of money for letting himself lose when he was a member of Girona.

“LaLiga has filed a complaint with the National Police Center for Integrity in Sports and Gambling (CENPIDA) after the statements by ex-soccer player Francisco Aday Benitez, in which he states that he would have been offered 50,000 euros for letting himself lose a football match when there was one day left for his team’s promotion to the First Division,” the organization said in a statement.

During his appearance this Thursday on ‘El Bar’, a streaming program on the SER network, the player acknowledged that he was offered “close to 50,000 euros” for letting himself lose. “It was absurd to accept it because we were promoted to the First Division, we had one game left and I was not going to stain myself for one game,” he said.

“The LaLiga Integrity and Security area has as one of its objectives the prevention, detection and reporting of any conduct that infringes ‘fair play’ and may adulterate the competition. Predetermining results is a crime, as is proving the sole intention of a rigging proposal”, warned LaLiga.

Benítez also commented on the program on the ‘modus operandi’ for this type of practice. “They contact one and he takes his trusted people in the dressing room. Only three are needed, but they have to participate more. If you buy the goalkeeper, a central defender and a striker, you have it half done”, he pointed out.

In addition, the former player spoke of another case when he was a member of Tenerife, although he clarified that he could not “corroborate” it because he was not “within” the group to which the money was allegedly offered. “We had no option to enter the ‘playoff’, Sporting did. Those of us who hadn’t been doing so were going to play and in the end those who had been playing all year played. We lost 3-1, but with goals… It seemed very strange to me that some players who were playing all year round played, that we didn’t play anything and that they had also told us that the others were going to play,” he said.

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