It’s been 50 years since humanity was in the Moon, and logically it is necessary to renew the suits. The company Axiom Space has been in charge of designing the astronaut suits what will they wear in the next trip to the moonin 2025. And what is most striking is its color. Dark astronaut suits?

Axion Space is a private company that is building the first private space station. The astronaut of Spanish origin works here Michael Lopez-Alegria, the first person born in Spain to go into space. He is the company’s Chief Astronaut.

The POT diversifies the tasks necessary to return to the Moon, with the aim of creating a solid network of space companies. That is why he has ordered the astronauts’ suits from Axiom Space.

The company has hired Esther Marquis, in charge of the costumes for the Apple TV+ series For All Humanity, a uchronia where the Russians reached the Moon before the Americans.

Here you can see the astronaut suit to step on the moonfull:

astronaut suit to step on the moon

Marquis is in charge of designing the dark wrapper and orange trim, as well as the Axiom Space logo.

We say this because, as NASA has confirmed, the final version of the suit it will be the same, but completely white. It is not an aesthetic question: the suit will be white to reflect the heatand thus protect themselves from extreme temperatures.

A suit for walk on the moon it has to contain many layers of protection against cold, heat and radiation, which is why it is so thick. And at the same time flexible enough to ensure mobility.

In this video you can see the presentation:

The new one mission to the moon will include, for the first time, a woman, so perhaps it would have been more appropriate to make the presentation with one, or at least show two astronauts of both sexes wearing the suit.

In any case, it is a unisex model That works for 90% of the American populationaccording to its creators.

For the rest, this astronaut suit does not incorporate anything revolutionary. In the video we can see how he carries a huge backpack for air and some tools, and some bulges on the hull. We thought they would be sophisticated sensors or complex cameras, but in reality they are lanterns.

What is Mission Artemisa and what does it consist of?

NASA announced a few days ago the planned dates for the next two historic missions.

Artemis II is a reconnaissance mission. The Orion capsule will travel to the Moon with four astronauts and will go around our satellite several times, but will not land. will take off in November 2024.

If all goes well, just one year later, in November 2025the Artemis III mission will mean the long-awaited return of mankind to the moon. Four other astronauts, including a womana non-caucasian personand possibly a Europeanthey will carry out the desired moon landing.

These astronauts will carry the suits that have been presented today for land on the moon, but in completely white color. Now we just need to know who they will be.


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