Nothing They have carved a niche for themselves in the technology market, due to their original and risky products. Yesterday, April 1stpresented the last one: the Nothing Beer (5.1%). A day later, they claim that It’s not any joke.

As you surely know, April 1 in Anglo-Saxon culture is the equivalent of our Day of the Innocents: a day when jokes are allowed.

Nothingthe company founded by Carl Pei, took advantage of the April 1st to present a new product: the Nothing Beer (5.1%). Everything would have stayed there, in a joke of the April Fool’s Dayif it is not because both the Twitter account of Nothing and Carl Pei himself, assured several times that It’s not any joke.

Even a day later, when it should have already been deactivated, the beer from Nothing It continues to appear on the front page of his website, with the phrase: “This is not a joke”, and the option to register to buy it:

Nothing Beer

Seen coldly, it is not such a far-fetched idea. Nothing He is used to launching unique and spectacular products, from his Nothing Phone (1) mobile to the latest headphones No ear (2). Find out more in the analysis.

And after all, Tesla itself has launched a beer this same week.

Google also introduced its Gmail mail on April 1, with 1 GB of space. Something that at the time seemed like a joke. And it wasn’t.

Assuming it’s true, Nothing Beer (5.1%) It is a beer made by the brewery Freetime Beer Co in Welsh. It’s an unfiltered beer… and it’s made with rice. Something that will generate quite a bit of controversy.

also contains water, malted barley, hops and yeast. The volume of alcohol is indicated, 5.1%and will be sold in packs of 4 cans.

Nothing he explains that it’s like “a crisp, unfiltered Rice Lager with subtle notes of pear.”

It will go on sale this summer, and you can register on its website to receive notifications.

The Nothing Beer (5.1%) the April 1stbut it’s not a joke. Or so they say. A rice beer pear-flavored that will go on sale this summer. We are already curious to try it…


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