It is one of the most anticipated films of the year. Super Mario Bros. The Movie opens this wednesday 5th of April, and the publicity machine is already working at full capacity. This weekend some lucky ones have been able to enjoy a show with 600 drones.

Little by little, drone shows are replacing the classic fireworks. They do not terrify dogs and cats, and they are less polluting. Super Mario Bros The Movie, you already have yours.

Although we have already seen a few, it is still quite impressive to see hundreds of drones flying in a coordinated manner. Everything is choreographed by computer, but live it has to be a show.

A Mario with 600 drones

On Sunday night, on the beach in Santa Monica (California), a drone show took place to celebrate the premiere of Super Mario Bros. The Movie.

600 eVTOL drew in the sky several sequences with the characters from the film. The show lasted about 10 minutes, and you can watch it in its entirety here:

As can be seen in the video, the drones begin forming the mythical question block of the game, which always has some power.

Then they form a pipelinefrom which arises the very Mario. He eats a mushroom to transform into Super Mario.

But the most spectacular moment is when it appears Bowser, releasing fire from the mouth. Finally the drones form the title of the film, and the release date.

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As we have commented, Super Mario Bros. The Movie the premiere 5th of April. This weekend the press pass took place in the United States, and the reviews are generally positive. The film is an audiovisual delight, and there is a lot of fan service and continuous references that fans of video games will love.

The plot is the least praised, it seems quite simple, and Bowser (Jack Black) stands out above all, who “eats” Mario and Luigi.

There is little left for all of us to form our opinion. Super Mario Bros. The Movie hits theaters this week. And this show with 600 drones It has been a good aperitif.


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